Exceptionally and with a limited validity of one month from the date of alarm status (March 14) or until the
last day of the month in which said alarm status ends, self-employed or self-employed workers whose
activities are suspended, by virtue of the provisions of the aforementioned Royal Decree 463/2020, or, in
another case, when its billing in the month prior to which the benefit is requested is reduced by at least 75
percent in relation to the average billing for the previous semester, they will be entitled to the
extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity.

What requirements are?
• Be registered, on the date of the declaration of the state of alarm, in the Social Security Regime for Self-
Employed Workers or Sea Workers.
• To accredit the reduction of its invoicing in, at least, a 75 percent, in relation to the one carried out in the
previous semester.
• Be up-to-date in the payment of contributions to Social Security. In the event that this requirement is not
met at the time of application, a margin of 30 non-renewable calendar days will be given for the unpaid fee
to be entered.

What amount corresponds?

It will be determined by applying 70 percent to the regulatory base. In the event that the minimum
contribution period to access the benefit is not accredited, the amount will be the result of applying 70
percent of the minimum contribution base in the Social Security Regime for Self-Employed Workers or of
the Sea Workers.

How long is it?
It will have a duration of one month that can be extended until the last day of the month in which the
alarm state ends in the event that it is extended.
In addition, the time of its receipt will be understood as listed and will not reduce the periods of benefit for
cessation of activity that may arise in the future.

Who manages the cessation of extraordinary activity?
Corresponds to mutual collaborators with Social Security. In each specific case, the self-employed worker
must see with which mutual company they have formalized the adhesion document to manage the
application process with it.

In the case of the self-employed whose business has been forced to close due to the declaration of the
state of alarm since March 18, the date the decree came into force. In the case of those who have to
present supporting documentation of the monthly billing drop, from the moment they can present said

On behalf of CE CONSULTING TORREVIEJA we are going to study the case of each of our affected self-
employed clients and we will answer them personally. We are working very hard to keep you informed and
so that everyone can obtain subsidies and maintain his/her activity.