International consulting

Successful solutions for internationalization: we help your company reduce the level of uncertainty and minimize risks in its internationalization process, both when introducing its products or services in new markets (support for export activity) and in processes of implantation in new countries.



Three continents within reach of your company

We have consultancies at strategic points in Africa, America, Asia and Europe and we continue to grow.


Global service

Our team of experts offers advice, advice and support in international negotiation and strategy, procedures, legislation and operations (corporate finance, tenders, investments, subsidies, etc.) with a close, comprehensive and direct service. We can guide you in the phases you require: planning, development, start-up and even identification of new markets.


A Leader in Spain

We bring more than 25 years of experience and more than 160 consultancies that make us the most important business advisory network in the country and the perfect bridge for organizations in search and development of new markets in other countries.

International Consulting Services

See the map of our international consultancies.



International consulting

  • Internationalization projects.
  • Legal. International laws.
  • International tenders.
  • Foreign trade.


  • Real estate.
  • Financial.
  • Recruitment of foreign investors.

International business consulting

  • Constitution of the companies.
  • Fiscal and accounting Obligations.
  • Labor and Human Resources.
  • Public management.

Corporate finance

  • Mergers of companies.
  • Acquisitions of companies.
  • Joint venture.
  • Venture capital – Private equity.

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