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Talent attraction division

Trust in the talent attraction division CE Consulting Empresarial. We make a perfect matching by joining the company with the right talent.

Do you have difficulties finding specific profiles for your organization?
Do people incorporated into the workforce have not met expectations?
Do you invest a precious time for you in looking for professionals for the company?
Do you need more versatility in the teams? Hire workers in a short time
Do you want to outsource a headhunting process but you fear to incur upfront costs?

AVOID RISKS of non-adaptation of the person to the position or the company, of rotation, hiring costs, costs of time and energy in the search and integration to the company of unsuitable candidates, costs of initial training and low productivity. Selection of personnel and Headhunting A SUCCESS, WITHOUT ECONOMIC COMMITMENT until the incorporation of candidates for staff.

We work according to:

The culture, values ​​and strategy that define your company.
The characteristics and needs of your business, market, organization, work team and profile.
The commitments acquired.
The deadlines and urgency to cover the positions.
Your budget: We get where you need.

Service for companies:

This is an exclusive service for companies. If you need to add staff to your template, leave us your data and we will call you as soon as possible:

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¿Looking for a job?

Access our job portal to see active offers and register for future selection processes.

Solutions at your disposal in which we guarantee:

Preselection. Advanced recruitment

It speeds up the recruitment of candidates who meet the hard profile of the position.

Complete selection

Minimizes the risks in the decision making of the incorporation. Complete evaluation.

Head hunting

Direct search for intermediate managers, managers and highly specialized profiles.

Assessment center

New personnel evaluation service for the identification, development and promotion of personnel.

  • Budget in 24 hours.
  • Minimum initial costs (selection to success of the incorporated candidates).
  • 30 days as the deadline for submitting candidates.
  • Direct communication with your consultant.
  • 55 sources of recruitment available to the client.
  • Tools and evaluation test contrasted.
  • Own database updated and unified.
  • Absolutely confidential management.
  • Warranty period. Free replacement of candidates (for selection and headhunting).

Tell us what you need and we will identify the talent of your organization

Work Protocol

1. Needs assessment and profile analysis

  • Knowledge of the client’s organization.
  • Analysis and description of the job.
  • Suitability profile.
  • Definition of interlocutors.

2. Definition and design of recruitment strategy

  • Writing of the offer.
  • Choice of recruitment sources: Portals, networks, etc.
  • Inbound recruitment
  • Own database.

3. Candidate recruitment

  • Dissemination of the offer and strategy seeking the greatest impact in terms of quantity and quality.
  • E-recruitment and labor market segmentation for the start of headhunting.
  • Activation of contact networks and references.

4. Pre-selection: advanced recruitment

  • Curriculum filter.
  • Contact and telephone polling
  • Initial screening checklist of adequacy (hard profile).
  • Preselection / Presentation of candidates for face-to-face evaluation.

5. Evaluation of candidates

  • Person / position adjustment analysis: Semi-structured interviews, questionnaires and “ad hoc” tests.
  • Interview by competences.
  • Psychotechnical tests and tests.
  • Language level assessment.
  • Situational and other tests.
  • Request for references.

6. Presentation of candidates

  • Analysis and integration of results: Eternal decision of candidates for the short list.
  • Complete elaboration Reports.
  • Coordination of interviews with client.
  • Monitoring and communication of the evolution of candidacies.

7. Take decision: selection and incorporation

  • Advice (if applicable) in the final decision making.
  • Help (if desired) in the negotiation of hiring conditions and remuneration packages.
  • Communication to candidates about resolution of the process.
  • Follow-up courtesy of the incorporation.

8. Warranty period

  • New selection process at no additional cost if the candidate does not meet expectations.

Specialized selection consultants by activity sectors.

Work psychologists

  • Engineering
  • Commercial and Marketing
  • Contact centers
  • Pharma and Health
  • Automotive
  • Purchases and logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Third sector
  • Banking and insurance
  • IT & Telco
  • Retail, Horeca and Leisure
  • Legal, advice and consulting
Architecture, real estate and construction
Administration, Accounting and Finance
Others: We will study your reference labor market.

OSS Consulting One Stop Shopping Consulting

The new formula to raise the business strategy for Human Resources. What we offer?

Executive Support: Talent for your company without risk and at an affordable cost, Directives & Interim Management.

Head Hunting: Search for senior management and directors.


Evaluation of Directors: Optimization and development of people for their correct location in the company.


Coaching: Business, teams and personnel.


Outsourcing: Staff at your service with temporary character or projects. Outsourcing of company areas.
– Technician: Technical staff

Management training: Application of the latest techniques in training for the most efficient management and adapted to our time.

Negotiation: Training in practical skills to achieve success in such an important aspect in our personal and professional life, such as negotiation.

What are the benefits of this proposal?

For the company and HR management

  • Establishment of a HR strategy that accompanies the development of the company.
  • Have a single interlocutor for the development and monitoring of it (time savings) and deep knowledge of the company and its objectives.
  • Multiple areas of collaboration depending on the strategy, which can be accessed one by one or several based on the defined process.
  • HR tasks from personnel management to the use of the most advanced techniques in the market.
  • Like the use of Big Data applied to the management of change and communication.
  • A team of great professionals at your service and an account manager to obtain the only dialogue.
  • A global but personalized management.

We want to meet you to help you, an interview will help us develop a unique and global approach.

  • Commercial training: teams, motivation, results orientation, sales management, time and territory.
  • Training in retail: Key elements for the development of the distribution of consumer products both in large distribution and in direct approach to the channel.
  • Selection: Gathering talent and people to meet the needs of your company’s staff.
  • HR Consulting: Consulting “Taylor Made” in key aspects of the company: organization, employees, performance and commitment.
  • Labor management: Payroll management, Social Security, contingencies, labor law, labor risks, contracts and immigration. Labor advice.

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