Labor Advisory

Since 1989 we offer support and job counselling to clients with proven success. Our advice will cover any aspect of the work environment of your company or activity.


Payroll Management and Social Security

  • Preparation and management of payroll.
  • Contracts and bonuses.
  • Social insurance.
  • Calculation of withholdings and presentation of taxes.
  • Employee portal.


Our advisors make it possible for the client to feel served at all times, with the immediacy that this area of law requires, performing a work of constant analysis of all those aspects that are likely to be improved within the organization of the company, such way that we anticipate your needs and make, ultimately, that your company is more productive at the job. The professional practice includes, among other matters, the following:

  • Audits.
  • Collective negotiation.
  • Business restructuring.
  • Company agreements.
  • Retributive political designs.
  • Implantation Sanctioning Régimes.

Labor Advice

  • Layoffs.
  • ERE and ERTE.
  • Banns.
  • Labor inspections.
  • Contracts of senior management.
  • Expatriates


  • Regulations.
  • Management of new permits.
  • Extensions.
  • Obtaining nationality.
  • Residence permit for investors.

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