With our advice to pharmacies, the professional of the branch will find all the fiscal, accounting, labor and legal advice required for their professional development.

The consultancy is made up of a collaborator who understands the global nature of the business and who is involved in its development to provide high added value to customers, which translates into more capacity, flexibility and competitiveness in costs, to adapt quickly to any change that the pharmacy office experiences.

Values of our pharmacy consulting

  • More than 140 consultancies throughout Spain and a human team expert in pharmacy.
  • We participate in the defense of the interests of the sector before the Administration: we intervene in the most critical negotiations for the pharmacy, always defending their interests.
  • We know the internal workings of the pharmacy. We dominate the regulations and regulations in force, with national, autonomous and collegial character.
  • We develop an excellent tax planning always oriented to savings.
  • We are experts in co-ownership.
  • We position ourselves as consultants for decision-making in purchasing processes and stock management, critical in the sector.
  • We guide in human resources policy and carry out the best labor advice for your pharmacy office.
  • We obtain a diagnostic of the economic-financial situation of the pharmacy office through an exhaustive, objective and detailed analysis of the main ratios.
  • We offer a wide range of legal services and corporate finance: we have expert lawyers in the sector for pharmacy purchase transactions, transfers, donations, inheritance, succession plans, openings, procedures, etc.
  • We collaborate in the preparation of articles and opinions in the main forums and publications addressed to the pharmacist.

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