Associations and foundations

In CE Consulting Foundations and Associations we have been dedicated to the third sector for more than 25 years. We offer comprehensive advisory services with personalized attention specifically for Foundations, Associations, Federations, NGOs and other non-profit entities.

We provide professional and objective advice to all types of entities, giving added value to our advisory service with a team of multidisciplinary professionals and high quality and effective work procedures.


Accounting and tax advice

We detect the fiscal particularities of the sector to apply them in the elaboration and presentation of the different fiscal obligations.

We adapt your accounting to the sector plan and examine the accounting data of the entity to plan continuous improvement actions


Annual accounts and action plans

If you are obliged to make the annual accounts, you can count on us for its preparation, presentation and final deposit before the corresponding records.

If you also have to elaborate and present the action plan we advise you to carry it out.



If you need to verify by a third party that the activity you perform is lawful and complies with legal obligations, we offer you review reports.

In case of needing a legal audit we can also help you. You can see more information in the other services section.


Constitution of foundations and associations

We guide you, prior to the constitution, evaluating which is the best option according to your interests. Likewise, we advise you on the preparation and modification of your Statutes, adjusting them to your needs.

In addition, we carry out continuous follow-up of the file until its complete registration.


Legal advice

To Trustees and members of the Board of Directors in their obligations: calls, drafting of documents, authorizations to the Protectorate, etc.

Legal assistance in challenging agreements and actions of responsibility before the governing bodies. We also have a service to perform the duties as Non-Trustee Secretaries.


Labor Advice and Human Resources

We manage the hiring of workers at the labor level. If your organization has volunteers and / or expatriates, we also take care of formalizing the employment relationship.

We capture and retain the best talent for your entity. We take care of finding the best professionals to meet your needs.


Administrative outsourcing and management

Outsources with outsourcing services those areas that do not add value to the entity’s goals, such as financial, accounting or human resources.


Use of rooms, offices and direct debit

We put at your disposal meeting and training rooms, telephone attention, mail reception, parcel service or simply, a social, fiscal or commercial address. Ask us for more information.


Custody of documentation and digitalization

We keep the accounting, tax, and legal documentation and if you are also interested in reducing paper and space, we digitize it through a tax certification system. Take a leap into the future!


Marketing and online communication

We work to make your entity and its services attractive on the Internet and Google.

We can help you increase the visibility of your website and increase your traffic through different strategies, techniques and tactics of communication, advertising, design and online marketing.



We put at your disposal lawyers and advisors specialized in the third sector.

You will have access to legal advice and defense in administrative, civil, commercial, criminal and procedural matters, as well as obtaining and registering trade names, trademarks, patents, etc.


Other services for foundations and associations

If you need other services you can contact us and we will analyze your needs offering you tailored proposals.

Some of the other services we provide are: Data protection, risk prevention, legal audit, etc.


Fundraising and Strategic Consulting

We guide you to strengthen your current funding sources, as well as to open new ways of raising funds.

In addition, we advise you to redirect and resize the strategic orientation of your organization, generate alliances with the business sector in the field of CSR or develop a clear, transparent, credible and agile communicative positioning.

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