Fiscal Advisory

Our fiscal advisory is formed by a large team of professionals with extensive experience and updated training. We prepare, present and manage all types of taxes and administrative resources. Reduce your tax burden and maximize savings.


Tax audit - Administrative resources

  • Fiscal and tax advisors.
  • Assistance, representation and defence.
  • Administrative resources.
  • Tax checks.
  • Presentation and processing of briefs and consultations with the Tax Administration.
  • Management postponements.
  • Representation before the Tax Agency.
  • Tax consulting services.

Tax management

  • Definition of fiscal policy and planning of operations.
  • Tax audit of companies.
  • Preparation, presentation and deposit of annual accounts.
  • Tax advice to companies, associations, foundations, travel agencies, real estate, pharmacies, etc.
  • Preparation and presentation of VAT declarations, Corporation Tax, Income, Non-Residents, censuses, special taxes, customs, Tax Economic Activities, Inheritance tax, inheritances.
  • 720 Model. Declaration of assets and rights abroad.
  • Withholding and payment on account of taxes.
  • Presentation of taxes telematically.

Other advisory services for companies

  • Advice for business groups: consolidation, structure, holding.
  • Transfer prices.
  • Real estate promotion.
  • Experts in international advice.
  • See 2018 Contributor´s Calendar.

Accounting Advice

Counselling and accounting consulting solutions in financial accounting, accounting management, taxation.


Accounting management and accounting audit

  • Analysis of the accounting and administrative management.
  • Management before public organizations.
  • Advice and training of the staff of its accounting department.
  • Preparation and budgetary control.
  • Valuation of companies.
  • Application of evaluation standards.

Business accounting

  • Organization of accounting.
  • Legalization of accounting books.
  • Management of accounting entries, opening and closing of the year.
  • Presentation of books and annual accounts.
  • Amortizations and provisions.
  • Data analysis and main ratios.
  • Update of arrears accounts.
  • Study and review of accounting.
  • Design of accounting plans.
  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Deposit of the annual accounts.
  • Financial Accounting.
  • Professional accounting management.

Financial Accounting

  • Preparation of financial and accounting statements.
  • Financial and cost analysis.
  • Comprehensive analysis of balance sheets.

Special reports

  • Reports to the parent company of its subsidiaries.
  • Implementation of analytical procedures and costs.
  • Personalized reports by an expert accounting advisor.

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